Book Back Cover Copy


Everyone who sees your book will do the same thing. Whether they see it online or in print, they'll flip it over or click to read the back cover text. This is where you either make the sale or end up back on the shelf—in a store or online. You’ve hooked them with your great title and subtitle, now give them a reason to BUY. You may have written a great book, but distilling all those chapters and all your expertise into the few words that will SELL your book is a whole different challenge. What you say on your back cover not only has the power to turn your book into a bestseller, it will also:

__ Position you as the obvious expert in your field
__ Get the attention of major media
__ Get you booked as a speaker
__ Help you command much higher consulting fees
__ Leverage your expertise into a lifelong stream of
     products and revenue

Your book back cover text is the foundation for your entire book marketing campaign. Those headlines, key positioning statements, bullet points, call to action, high-credibility bio, and more are immediately ready for use as your website content, book sell sheet, media kit, speaker materials, catalogue copy—anywhere and everywhere you market and sell your book.

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