eBook Covers


"Part insane surf trip, part guerilla journalism, and part political travelogue ..." Here's a look at the book cover for an Apple app, turned ebook, turned hardcover book.

Ebooks and other digital formats are no longer a "maybe" for your book. Increasingly they are a way people expect to connect with your ideas. We chose the ebook sample here for another good reason. It shows how many forms your ideas and your "book" can takeone idea, lots of brand-building and selling platforms. It shows just how versatile and far-reaching your expertise can be.

But, even though this travel journal started out in a digital format, the packaging started out as a full front and back book cover with flaps.

Why? Because, whether your book is available in print and digital or digital only, the content deserves the credibity of complete book cover packaging. This author expert had us develop his complete book cover with flaps right at the start, so that the marketing message would be in place and consistent across all platforms. In fact, the book cover copy below highlights the features and benefits of each format within this brand.

You still need "back cover copy" for an ebook because your book's back cover is not a place; it is a marketing tool. It is still the the most important piece of marketing copywriting for any book or ebook. It is that concise, 15-second elevator speech you will use everywhere you promote and sell your ideas.

Take a look a the book cover with flaps, below. Every component of this book cover sells every platform on which this travel experience is available. Ask us how we can do the same for your books, ebooks, and more.