Book Titles and Subtitles


Make an immediate impact—on readers, reviewers, potential partners, your industry, the media, distributors, bookstores,  and moreanyone who sees or even hears about your book. A great book title and subtitle transform your message into a highly recognizable brand just like the name and tagline do for any business or product. The book’s back cover copy then closes the sale. It is your elevator speech, your core marketing message that you will use over and over again, wherever you promote your book and your brand.

Your book's subtitle is an important part of your branding and positioning. For too many books, however, the subtitle is merely an afterthought, quickly thrown together to fill a slot before moving onto book cover design. We work as hard developing your subtitle as we do the title because your subtitle is not just some piece of front-cover formatting. It is a critical piece of marketing real estate for clarifying and strengthening your brand and selling your book. Subtitles also include keywords relevant to your topic to further enhance search engine optimization for you and your book.

Thinking about a book series? We create book series titles that build profitable brands in a variety of niche markets.

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