Michael McLaughlin
Deloitte Consulting

Co-Author of
Guerilla Marketing for Consultants
with Jay Conrad Levinson



"Conventional wisdom suggests that no one cares about your business or project as much as you do, but Susan and Graham defy that notion. They use their keen sense of what really works to bring out just the right market position for your business. Once that's done, they work with you to craft highly targeted marketing copy that brings clients to your door. Whether you need marketing advice, writing support, or both, don't waste any more time lookingcall Write To Your Market."

Penelope Tzougros,

 Ph.D., ChFC, CLU

 Financial Planner  

Author of Wealthy Choices
Consultant and Radio Show Host 


"Finding a good marketing partner is a challenge. Finding Write to Your Market has made all the difference. They know how to draw out of you and your materials what will be relevant for your audience and craft a unique marketing message for you. They shape these ideas to match the trends, language, and desires of the audience you are trying to reach."


Nick Irons,

Speaker and Author

Swim Lessons
Winner—Independent Publisher Book Awards,
Best Self-Help Book
Finalist—ForeWord Magazine,
Best Self-Help Book
Finalist—Ben Franklin Award,
Best New Voice (Non-Fiction)


"The marketing products Susan developed for me have worked to get me on board with a major book distributor, five speaker’s bureaus, bookstore signings, and TV and radio interviews. And best of all, she made it so easy. She gave me marketing materials I only wish I could write. The expertise at every turn has been phenomenal."


Elizabeth & Darren George
Consultants and Speakers

Authors of The Compatibility Code


"Graham and Susan were recommended to us by a leading, bestselling author. In the weeks that followed our initial consult, their highly relational coaching guided us through the complex labyrinth of developing our book cover, media message, website, and speaking materials. From their creation of our captivating book title to our total brand, our experience with this team has been a highlight of our business launch and our continued success."


Joseph Preston

Senior Marketing Partner

Vision North America

Author of Green Eggs and Google


"My business is Internet marketing, but I hired Graham to help me with the positioning and copywriting for my book's front and back covers. Since author experts are so close to their books, most have challenges articulating why someone should buy their book. I needed a book marketing expert like Graham to provide a new perspective and the insight required to take my book to the next level. Talk to Graham and he will help you create pure gold."

Peggy Conrad, Publicist for

Ruby Payne, Ph.D.

Author of Crossing the Tracks™ for Love
A Framework for Understanding Poverty

"I feel so relieved to know that we have a good title and subtitle now. We also wanted just the right tone on the back cover, and you hit it pitch perfect! I am IMPRESSED! You are positively a pleasure to work with."


Adam Christing
Entertainer & Speaker


"I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my consultation with Write To Your Market. Graham gave me a spot-on critique of my existing materials and very specific examples of how to better connect with my target audience.  If you're wondering whether your marketing pieces are all they can be, don't. Give this team a call. You'll wish you'd done it a long time ago."


Sara Morgan

Author of No Limits  

"Susan's guidance and advice was invaluable to me. She patiently listened to me ramble on about what I was planning. Then after reflecting on who I was and what I was trying to accomplish, she offered brilliant advice that just nailed what I needed to do next."