Name Your Business

Your business brand should define
who you are right now, who you want to become, and why anyone should care. Whether you are a financial services firm, a health and wellness consultant, the largest ski race in North America, or a niche apparel product, we work with you to get the attention of your ideal customers and drive home the value of working with and buying from you. We make you the obvious expert and the best solution for your customers' most basic needs. Take a look at the brand development for each of the business names and taglines below. 

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LifeToners ... This physician-consultant wanted to show that his approach helps people achieve more than just a lean, healthy body. He needed to show what makes him differentthat he simultaneously works with people to make overall, customized lifestyle improvements for a more focused, purposeful, and satisfying life. Using the word "Life" in the name and then pairing it with "Toners" demonstrates this combined range of benefits and what differentiates this company's approach. The tagline features the core health component, then the lean body aspect, and then ends with the light, energetic feel of extending this to your total self and life.


Choose on Purpose ... Sometimes a business name and tagline come first. Sometimes the book title and subtitle come first to inspire the name of an organization. The latter was the case for this author expert who wanted to rebrand her expertise and focus as a career consultant to corporate executives ... into guidance and support for Twentysomethings. She helps this group build the relationships and the knowledge base they need to make purpose-based choices—and those first great successeshappen in their lives and careers. Using the book title we created as the starting place, we developed a tagline that has a strategy in common with many good taglines; it has two closely related meanings. In this case that double entendre is: awaken your talent and bring that talent to ALL areas of your life. Because Twentysomethings are just starting outor restartingthe "Choose" sits on the fresh mound of earth with the growth rising up through and with it. The overall effect of the name and tagline is right in line with this consultant's approach and her resultsto make those sometimes overwhelming choices feel like the gift they are to each person getting their first starts. Also see the Media Kit we developed for Susan Berg.



PolarJock ... This product serves winter athletes who train and race in very cold conditions and need a way to keep key body parts warm without adding excess layers or clothing that get in the way. It is designed for skiers but is also worn by cold-weather runners, bicyclists, and moreeven hunters and other winter outdoorsmen. The product is a customized jockstrap with a fleece lining and wind-resistant outer layer. It is for cold weather, so "Polar" and "Jock" came together as separate terms that now describe not only the product itself but the person who wears it. Because of the somewhat sensitive nature of the purpose this product serves, the "Warm Where it Counts" tagline speaks directly to guys who have experienced the need for this level of protection. The product name "mans up" to its purpose. See the website content and copywriting we also developed.


"How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo" ... From Procter & Gamble and Bristol-Myers Squibb to Mattel and Pizza Hut, Brenda Bence has been responsible for branding and marketing some of the world's biggest-selling consumer products in nearly 50 countries across four continents. Now, take a look at the book series brand we developed for Brenda. Publishing books is key to building your brand and your business (and is a good example of how even a branding expert can use some help from the outside). We created the "How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo" book titles, series packaging, and related book marketing copy. This enabled Brenda to quickly expand her expertise from companies to individuals in three lucrative markets. Brenda is successfully using these branding materials to profitably establish her expertise, sell books, and build her consulting practice in those markets. See more about this brand on our blog, "Your Book Cover Is Your Brand" and under Book Cover Samples by Topic.

Wealthy Choices ... There is no end to personal financial services and advice, so creating a name and tagline that stand out in a new way for prospective clients is crucial. The same is true for any area of consulting and professional services. In creating the busines name and tagline for "Wealthy Choices," we used two proven strategies: (1.) Use a twist on a familiar phrase, and (2.) Build a connection from something people already have positive associations with to who you are and what you do as a professional. Most people are familiar, for example, with hearing about "healthy choices." "Wealthy Choices" is a twist on that phrase that carries with it the same positive connotations. In the tagline, we addressed the biggest concern for most individuals seeking financial help: "The wealth you wantin the time you have." You still have choices and can learn to make them work for you. This is financial planning that can help put time back on your side and make the most of what you have, starting right now. We simultaneously developed this consultant's book title and subtitle, extending the Wealthy Choices brand to that as well as to her related products and radio show.


American Birkebeiner ... This organzation hosts the largest ski race in North America and the fourth largest in the world, with more than 10,000 national and international participants. Now celebrating its 40th year, the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation has grown to include year-round events, including a quickly growing trail run, as well as online health and fitness resources. The task here was to demonstrate that "The Birkie" as people call it, is not just the once-a-year skiing event anymore. It is a year-round fitness destination and lifestyle for participants from 48 states and 21 countries. Sometimes you need to start talking the language, the vernacular, your customers are using. The shortened "Birkie" in this new name and logo does this. The tagline then expands on the signature ski race to include a sense of the Birkie's total events and lifestyle offering. The resulting feel is a blend of old and new, in keeping with the historic origins of the ski race and the ever-expanding options for outdoor fitness enthusiasts of all ages. One of our team also provides the media/PR and Sponsorship development for this organization. Learn more at



Aha! Parenting ... The same needs and strategies mentioned above come into play here as well. This parenting expert needed to stand out from the crowd. The former name for this clinical psychologist's parenting expertise was The word "solutions," while accurate, can be a little bland or academic when it comes to catching the attention of this target market—busy moms with children who range from infants, to toddlers, to teens. The new name we created for her generates that pop of interest and sense of getting the help you need right now. We all know what an "Aha!" moment is. Now, there is Aha! Parenting. The name suggests those flashes of insight and those best ideas that can be accessed and used at a moment's notice. Perfect! Another element of this name is that it is clever ... but not at the expense of clarity. The key word moms use to find information and advice is "Parenting," so this key word is part of the business name. Depending on your target market, business names can be fresh but authoritative, light but not lightweight, and clever but always perfectly clear and easy to find for the people looking for what you offer. See more of Dr. Markham's brand.