Personal Branding

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To underscore Natalia Yosco's personal approach to financial success, her journey from mom
to seven-figure mompreneur, and her emphasis on why "girlfriends" make successful entrepreneurs,
we turned the popular acronym "BFF" into "Being Financially Free." Originally we created this branding
concept as her book title. We built on it to create foundation for all her personal and business branding.
The message is clear and the tone is irresistbly fresh and inviting to anyone looking for a way achieve
financial freedom on his or her own terms.


Dr. Amy Tiemann's new personal brand marks a turning point, from her reputation as a leading,
nationally recogninized parenting expert and author to also include her expertise and recognition as a
leader for cultural and political change. Her participation in both regional and national politics required
a personal brand that clarifies her complete identity, while keeping her connected to her core following
and mission in the parenting field, elevating her credibility in both arenas. This personal branding
tagline achieves both.

Everything but the ... "Kelly's Kitchen Sync" came from an idea that Kelly Morisseau was already
using but hadn't converted to a broader branding identity. As is the case with many personal and
business brands, sometimes it takes someone coming in from the outsides to see those diamonds
in the rough. We used this phrase for Kelly's book title and as her official personal brand. The book
back cover sales copy we developed then gave her a complete marketing message to launch both
the book and her personal brand. Above, for example, is Kelly's Facebook page. Because Kelly is
building her business based on her unique approach and personal consulting, her brand and her
book cover reinforce her commitment to one-on-one face time and her hands-on approach to
working with her clients.

Dr. Laura Markham, clinical psychologist, needed a way to distinguish herself from all the other parenting
experts, books, and brands. We achieved this by focusing on the immediacy and joy she helps parents
experience as they move through those everyday parenting bumps in the road. Parents are attracted to
Markham's "flash of insight" approach that guides them in how to identify, enjoy, and then build on their
own Aha! Parenting successes.