Manuscript Development

Whether you're looking for
ghostwriting, full or partial manuscript development, light or deep editing, or just proofreading, we hand-deliver your best ideas to your target market. With just the right content and tone, we make readers say, "Yes!" to you and your expertise.

We agree with the many book publishing professionals who suggest that you create your book cover copy before or during the manuscript development process. Why? You're more likely to create a manuscript that meets your target market’s needs. When you define what they will get out of reading your book, you can then organize and write your book to fulfill that promise.

And, when we help you do bothdevelop your brand through both your manuscript and your book cover marketingyou get a strong, consistent message that reinforces key components of your brand in the book's content and its packaging. You reach into people's hearts and minds to create a loyal following and generate profitable leads for your business—the greatest benefit of becoming a published author expert.